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Food Retail

Food Retail is in a state of constant change: the rise of eCommerce, Omni-Channel transformation, the Next Generation Store, and putting the customer at the center of the business are challenges that require a response.  The Supply Chain is simultaneously a cost center which requires constant effort to find additional efficiencies, and a point of differentiation which can be used to deliver on the company’s core strategy.

Omni-Channel Transformation

Align the organization and its processes to eliminate channel delineated silos and unify assets, planning and execution across online and offline channels. Integrate online and real time "Enterprise Inventory" in eCommerce order capture to provide accurate and reliable commitments to stock availability. Dynamically allocate orders to the optimal preparation facility (open store, dark store, fulfilment center) at order capture based on delivery time and fulfilment / transportation capacities and costs. Proactively manage and price delivery slots at order capture to balance demand or increase route density. Build delivery routes that optimize transportation costs. Maximize visibility, control, efficiency, and reliability in eCommerce fulfilment and transportation operations to ensure profitability and client satisfaction.

Process Definition & Optimization - Systems Implementation

What is the best strategy in response to the growing share of eCommerce? In Store Picking allows the company to leverage its existing store network to fulfil orders but has a limit in capacity. Dark Stores allow better control of stock and more efficient processes but may have more limited range. Fully automated Fulfilment Centers are the most efficient but require large investments and may only meet delivery time expectations in large urban centers. We put our experience at the service of your company to define and implement the right strategy, set of processes, and technology solutions for your company’s situation, which finds the right balance in investment, service, and productivity.


The European Union has committed itself to zero emissions by 2050. A sustainable Supply Chain is more competitive and better equipped to respond to future developments. Transportation Management Systems (TMS) help businesses optimize their fleet and delivery routes, reducing their carbon footprint and making their Supply Chains greener.


Last Mile TMS solutions guarantee product delivery and allow your company to deliver on the promises it has made with the customer.

Forecasting and Replenishment

Do you want to save costs while simultaneously increasing service levels in your Supply Chain? Having accurate forecasts and efficient production or procurement plans is key to making good business decisions and optimizing inventory. Innovations in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning combined with traditional forecasting and optimization algorithms have revolutionized demand forecasting. These have allowed companies to exploit the insights and relationships hidden within immense amounts of data, which allow them to plan against more accurate forecasts. By introducing restrictions such a delivery windows, purchasing multiples, supplier management, etc, the replenishment orders both to supplier and to the Distribution Center ensure optimal stock and lower purchasing and handling costs, while guaranteeing service levels.

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